Tuesday, February 26, 2013

DIY Princess Hair Clip Holder

Finally I had a chance to work and post the DIY princess hair clip holder which I absolutely love how it turned out! For those of you who want to try it at home this is how I made it:

1. I had to purchase the following things:
  • Pink spray paint
  • Magenta glitter (for shine) 
  • Wooden piece for body (in this case a heart shape but doesn't have to be)
  • Ready made Bows (2pcs)
  • Solid Colored Ribbons- 1" width
  • Pattern Ribbons- 3/4" width
  • Tulle (I had two colors already so didn't have to buy)

2. To start the project of I first had to spray the heart shaped wood piece with pink spray paint. Let it dry for about an hour to hour and half, then sprayed it with magenta glitter.

3. While the heart dried I cut the main tulle in 2-3" wide stripes (skirt length can be as long as you want).
4. For the contrast tulle (magenta color) I cut 1 1/2"-2 wide strips and they have to a be a little shorter in length than the main tulle strips.
5. Once all the strips are cut I attached them to one of the 1" ribbons (cut the ribbon long enough to wrap around the wooden piece) this will be the "waist" ribbon. 

6. Then I cut the ribbons (contrast solid color & pattern ribbon) about 1" shorter than the skirt length and attach to "waist" ribbon.
7. For a princess touch, I added rhinestones to "waist" ribbon (see photo below).

8. Once skirt piece was done I attached to wooden piece.
9. The bows were then attached at each side of the heart along with ribbon to hang on the wall
10. Last step was to hang all of Dahlia's Hair clips!

*TIP* I used a hot glue gun to attach all my pieces together

**Additional Tip** Having a little girl helping you is awesome and could not have done it with out her by my side :)

Hope you guys enjoy our DIY


  1. So adorable. Makes me wish I had little girls but I do have a 3 month old granddaughter....we are totally making this for her!!

    Penny at Green Moms and Kids

  2. Hoping over and following you back. I love this! I may need to make on for my nieces!

  3. That is really cute. I might have to try it for my daughter.

  4. Super cute, fun, and practical. Sending over a virtual high five.

    I'm visiting today from Linkin with my Ladies. :)

  5. Hi, I'm stopping over from Simply At Home Mom! I am a new follower via Google and this is such a cute idea!! I have a one year old baby girl and I think this would be so cute to hold her hair clips!

  6. What a darling idea! At first I thought it said hair clip, and I was like that's the biggest hair clip I've seen... then I read correctly :) It turned out so cute, and would be great to accent a princess-themed room.

    I'm stopping by the from the blog hop, and I'm so excited to be your newest friend and follower! Come say hi if you have a chance :)


  7. Oh my gosh I can't even tell you how excited I get when I see "dyi"ers that I can actually do!! My mind tells me I'm crafty all day long but my craft attempts say otherwise! Def gonna try this! Happily following along from the hop!


  8. Hi! Found you on Thumpin Thursdays. Following via GFC and G+. Have a great week.

  9. Too cute! Your daughter is adorable! Hopping over to follow you from the Thumping Thursdays Hop! Hoping you'll 'hop' over and follow me back! -Ginger from http://wildwonderfulgingerssnaps.blogspot.com

  10. Super cute!
    Just wanted to pop over and thank you for linking up with us ladies at the Thursday blog hop! Hope you are finding some fabulous new reads!
    Thanks again!

  11. Following you. Still getting through the list on Linking with my Ladies.


  12. Adorable family!!
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    Marianne from Sandling All Day

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  14. Hi Pretty Little Dahlia,

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  15. My granddaughter will love this! Pink is her favorite colour. Already a follower via GFC.

    Handmade at Warratahstree


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