Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Great Purchases

Over the weekend we did a little shopping and we bought Dahlia shoes which she couldn't wait to wear and share with you guys! They were both character shoes, which I usually don't buy because I don't think they are easy to wear with eveything. However I couldn't resist the little mermaid shoes and I couldn't pass on a great deal which only worked if you bought two pairs of shoes so of course I went for it! I think it worked out because the little mermaid shoes can be worn with outfits that have pink and the fairy shoes can be worn with outfits that have purple.

Dahlia looking up at her uncle so he can see her new shoes
Little Mermaid & Fairy Character Shoes
 Besides the shoes I also found this amazing necklace holder which am using as a headband holder. I love it because it swivels and I can hang multiple headbands including the round plastic headbands which fit perfectly on the top! I found this great purchase at a craft store while shopping for supplies to make Dahlia a hairclip holder. 

Metal Hairband Holder
Plastic Headbands fit on top
Holds multiple headbands

Will post the DIY project for the hairclip holder soon so check in later :)


  1. I'm visiting from Thumping Thursdays and I love the idea of a hairband holder. It seems you can find every single one you have except the one you want when it's time to dress up and go.

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  4. How cute are those shoes! Thanks for sharing. I found you on the blog hop, really happy to find your blog! I am a new follower and it would be lovely if you could follow me back too. Looking forward to reading more.

  5. Found your blog on Bloggy Moms! I love those shoes and your DIY Headband Holder. I just had my first girl and seeing this makes me so excited for when she gets a bit older.

  6. Cute shoes! Found you on Aloha Friday :)
    Great idea to use the jewelry holder for hair accessories.


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