Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Pal Violet

Violet goes everywhere with Dahlia
They play together
Even take naps together!
Dahlia loves her pup Violet
My Pal Violet was gifted to Dahlia for christmas and since then she has not left her pup anywhere. Dahlia is not the only one in love with this toy, so am I! The pup comes with a USB connection + cable which we were able to use to save Dahlia's name, enter her favorites things, and choose from a number of songs. You can also personalize the songs so when the pup sings, it says Dahlia's name. Its a pretty amazing toy and love it even more because Dahlia smiles and sings along every time, it cheers her up when she is crying and it keeps her company all the time!
The toy comes in purple as Violet, and also in green as Scout. Its available at many toy stores including Toys 'r' us.

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  1. Brinlee LOVED her Violet when she was sweet Dahlias age. So glad to have found your little part of the world and looking forward to reading about your adventures.


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