Thursday, February 7, 2013

Should I discipline my Baby?

Yesterday I read an article on the babycenter website regarding disciplining babies. Read the article by clicking here.....It's a questionable matter since babies can throw tantrums, scream uncontrollable at times and get into mischief but don't really understand wrong from right. As a parent you are left wondering wether to discipline a baby acting up or what exactly is the right thing to do!

Dahlia is not any different than other babies, she throws tantrums and screams. But since she is not my first baby this behavior is not surprising and I personally can handle it pretty well. I know she is young and still doesn't understand that she is not suppose to throw tantrums to let us know what she wants. I also know eventually as she gets a little older we will be able to explain this to her in a manner she can understand and with effort and patience she will no longer throw her fits. So in my opinion no harsh discipline is needed.

In these pictures Dahlia is going thru Daddy's wallet and taking out everything! Although this behavior seems cute and funny, I do believe in telling her "No", because although she is just a baby, she knows that word pretty well and starts making a sad face when she hears it. Most of the time we let her explore, even if she makes a mess, but if she wants something that is important, is dangerous or can cause injury in that case it's a firm "No" even if she cries.

The truth is babies at this age are just looking to learn and explore, our jobs as parents is to give them a safe environment/place to this, not look for ways to discipline them at this point. 

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