Monday, February 25, 2013

Somedays Blue

Over the weekend I realized how Dahlia rarely wears blue so I made it a point to change her look for a couple of days. Saturday we we went to a barbecue with family and she wore a cute blue cardigan sweater with jeans and of course a nice matching white polka dot headband. The weather was pretty great that day and she enjoyed hanging out, riding around in her walker (she still falls when she walks on her own). All in all it was a good day.

On Sunday we ran errands as usual and her outfit was a light blue disney sweater tutu with black leggings. We were all over the place, mostly buying stuff for her big 1st birthday which I decide I don't want to include the color pink, so it will be only the colors on Ariel from the little mermaid which are seagreen and purple. Dahlia is a little tomboyish anyway so those colors are perfect. You can see the boyish side of her in photos below where she pretend plays with her brothers!

Even her sleepwear over the weekend was light blue....I might of gone a little over board with the color! Anyway she didn't mind, she's happy with anything we put on her as long as she can move around and doesn't slow her down.


  1. Hi Claudia, thanks for stopping by my blog, and following. Your daughter is beautiful and she looks great in blue. It's good to take a break from all of the pink and pastels from time to time.

    Maya D


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