Monday, February 11, 2013

The New Girl

These two little girls anxiously wait for the arrival of their new girl cousin who is expected to be born these week! We are more than ecstatic since she will be the last girl to complete the trio of females in our family (at least for now). For the past 2 decades only boys were born in our family until Dahlia broke that streak! Then 10 months later came Alicia (seen in picture here with Dahlia) and now, hopefully this week, will come Ariana Leilah. 

So it's no surprise the family is going gaga over these little girls....I certainly am! I can make tutus, hair accessories, and even customized clothing. Things that are not as exciting when you only have boys. Not that boys are not fun because they are but it is different specially when dressing them and making them look cute.

For example for Dahlia's little cousin's babyshower I decide to make headbands! I bought a bathtub and filled it with necessary items that all mommys need and decorated each item by wrapping it with a headband specially made for Ariana. Since I also had store bought headbands I combined them with the ones I made and placed them all on a 2x20 cardboard that fit along side of the tub...This gift was fun and easy to make!

Dahlia helping with the gift to her little cousin

She is super happy how it turned out!

Later this week will post how I made these headbands and how crazy we are about making them! Dahlia is seen here wearing one of my headband creations ;)


  1. Aww. Dahlia is precious! And I would of definitely loved a baby shower gift like that. Can't wait to see your tutorial on how to make headbands. Though I'd probably have more luck getting my son to wear them then my daughter. She'd rather her hair just be wild :)

  2. So Cute! Congrats on breaking that streak. Around here, I'm the only girl in a family of boys, so I understand that more than you know. Dahlia is very cute and so is her cousin, who looks like weeks old. Anyway thanks for stopping by my blog last night. New follower on GFC.

    Heather from Mommy Only Has 2 Hands


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