Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday

I hope everyone had a great Easter Weekend! Ours was pretty good, we celebrated with family at the park. We ate, the kids played and went on a egg hunt. This was Dahlia's first egg hunt she ever participated in and I think she liked it. The weather however was not so great, it was cloudy and at times sunny. But it was a bit chilly to be outside so Dahlia had to cover up her beautiful dress, she still look gorgeous though.

Would love to hear about your Easter too! If you blogged about it, leave a comment and I'll make sure to check it out :)

I was Featured!

I was featured on Pursuit of a Functional Home Blog and I feel so happy because it was a DIY project I made for my sweet Dahlia! See the tutorial for the Princess Hairclip Holder DIY here

If you have an awesome DIY project you want to share and it's pin worthy, join the hop which is going on now! Happy Pinning!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Vaccine Time

Yesterday was Dahlia's 12 month well baby check up. Everything is good with her, she weights 21lbs and is 29" tall. Since she was due for immunizations she got six  shots!!! The poor baby, didn't know what was coming....

 She was enjoying her morning up until the nurse came in with all those vaccines. Her face immediately turned into a frown and raised her arms for me to hold her. I felt helpless, there wasn't much I could do since it is something that all babies have to go thru. I am very proud of her though, she only cried when she received the shots (which felt like a lifetime). She got 2 on each thigh and 1 on each bicep. As soon as the nurse left she stopped crying, but with tears in her eyes I dressed her and off she wanted to go! 

My brave little girl! Nothing can stop her

Her Brothers and I tried to cheer her right after by showing her some ducks at the hospital's pond outside. But you can tell in her eyes that she was sad :(

Visiting her best pal did put a smile on her face!....Alicia is getting so big, I don't think Dahlia will be able to carry her soon.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

DIY Tutu Easter Basket

Am sure you guys feel overwhelmed with Easter stuff right now but I just had to share Dahlia’s Tutu Easter Basket I made for her. It was easy and the tutu can be worn afterwards!

Things you’ll need in case you want to make:
Small basket
Tulle (I used small roll already cut)
Ribbon (I used decorative ribbon & plain)
Crochet headband (but can use ribbon or elastic
Hot glue 

1.       First thing to do is make the tutu. I started off by cutting the tulle into the length of the tutu I wanted (x2). In this case I cut them at 15” so finished skirt can be around 7.5”….I used about 28 cut pieces but it really depends on how full you want the skirt to be.

2.       Then I folded one piece of tulle and inserted into an opening on the crochet headband (which will work as the waistband piece). Then I tied each piece, see photos here.

3.       Step #2 has to be repeated for each piece of tulle until the whole headband is full

4.       The fullness of the skirt depends on you but in my case I used about 28pcs to get the skirt this full 

5.       Once the skirt was done I trimmed the longer pieces so that they will look more even

6.       Then I proceeded to wrap the handle which in this case was removable. I hot glued the beginning, the middle and the end so that it won’t move out of place.

7.      After putting the handle back on I put the tutu skirt on

8.       Finally as a finishing touch I made two small bows and hot glued them to the sides of the basket and wah-lah, it’s done!

Now Dahlia will have a fashionable Easter basket with a removable tutu that she can wear later or pass on to one of her little girl cousins!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The New Doll In Town

One of the toys Dahlia received for her birthday was a little baby doll, My Sweet Love, Loves & Giggles Baby Doll. The baby doll laughs and giggles when you hug it or wave in front of it as if to tickle it.

When I first saw it I thought Dahlia might not like it, since she had not really paid any attention to the dolls she already had. But this doll won her little heart! Now she can't leave her anywhere.

I've been surprisingly amazed at the way Dahlia treats the doll. She carries her like a real baby, rocks her, even taps her back as if trying to put her to sleep. The craziest thing is when she hears music she tries to stand up the doll so she can dance. It's one of the funniest but most amusing things by far I've seen Dahlia do. Maybe it's because I haven't been a round another baby girl, but am shocked at her actions with the doll!

Since Dahlia likes to carry the baby doll around, am thinking of buying her this baby stroller so she can walk her the way we walk her :)

By the way her pal Violet is still loved. If you are a new reader you can click HERE to see my previous post on Violet.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Family Fun Weekend

This weekend was pretty busy with celebrations. We started off by celebrating my son's good grades by going to Dave and Buster for some family fun time on Friday. These are some photos I was able to capture of the ever moving little Dahlia who can't stay still now that she is walking. The lights and all the arcade noise had her running wild with excitement, the moment we got in the car to go home she fell asleep.

Dahlia and her big Brother Bonding :)

With Mommy pictures
With Daddy Pictures
On Saturday we celebrated my godson's 8th birthday. Dahlia played and had fun amongst all the boys! She is so eager for her little bestie and little girl cousin to get older so she can play with them but for now she continues to be the only little girl....and a tough girl I might add. She runs, plays hard, falls but doesn't cry. Oh, how I fear she might not like to wear dresses because just like me as a kid I felt dresses restricted me from playing the same as my boy cousins. But we'll see...

Devin's 8th Birthday cake!
Dahlia hanging with the boys
Dahlia and all her boy cousins
Dahlia hugging little Alicia

 Photo slide of the pinata fun!

Dahlia also got in on the candy fun.....although she didn't eat any of it :)

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