Monday, March 18, 2013

Dahlia's Christening

Dahlia was baptized in the morning of Saturday March 16th, the day of her birthday party. I thought I would share this part of the day since it came first and it was an important ceremony for her dad who is catholic. Plus she looked adorable in that white dress. Unfortunately she did not behave at all during the ceremony which was very small and intimate. You could hear Dahlia's screams and laughs as they echoed inside the church (SUPER embarrassing!). But we can't ground her for acting like a baby at church, she didn't even know what was going, all she wanted to do was walk around and show off her dress, she was all smiles and calling out for attention! She did calm down a bit when she saw the other boy who was getting baptized too (who was very calm thru out the whole ceremony I might add). Anyway all in all it turned out good :) Here are some photos:

It's tradition for the godparents to be to dress the baby so here they are dressing Dahlia before getting Baptize. 

Dahlia and her Godparents

Dahlia and her Brothers
Dahlia and Daddy
Dahlia and Mommy
Dahlia during the ceremony

As you can see in most photos Dahlia has her fingers in her mouth! I think she is teething and has had little appetite (poor baby!)...After the ceremony off we went to the birthday party. I will post photos soon. I apologize for the delay in my post, I've been under the weather after Saturday, I have a small cold :(

Still need to catch up with some Blog Hop peeps, I apologize for that too!

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  1. Thank you so much for visiting my site, and allowing me to visit yours. You have a beautiful family and I look forward to reading many more posts.

  2. Beautiful daughter and baptism!

  3. My hubby is catholic too, but his family is overseas so we are not sure when we will do it.


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