Monday, March 11, 2013

Princess Attitude

This last month has really flown by! Dahlia's 1st birthday is tomorrow and her party is this coming Saturday. My sanity has been borderline these last couple of days as I have been so stressed out with party planning and not to mention this little girl who is on the go now. Taking her picture for her party invite proved to be a very difficult task. She simply refuse to cooperate, instead she wanted to do everything else but smile and take a picture!...I wanted to cry but instead I used my photoshop skills to a use and made magic happen :)

She turned away and clapped 
She didn't want to wear the crown and she didn't want to stay still
She wanted to sit with her brothers instead or play with her doll
She is really a Princess on the go...with an attitude!
 But at the end of the day am pretty happy at how everything is turning out. Her Birthday tutu and onesie arrived this past Friday, just in time for the invite photos.The center pieces are done, the party favors are also done, even the cake decor is done, because YES am making the cake! But I will be getting some help from my friend and cousin since it's going to be my first time baking a birthday cake. Hopefully it'll turn out good and can post more on that after the party.
He birthday tutu & onesie!
Party invite....Note it is not our adress so no fan mail (haha).


  1. She is just so cute!! Swinging through showing some love from bloblovin'.


  2. She's adorable ! my daughter is turning 1 on the 28th , please share pictures of the party

  3. That tutu is adorable. Love the little mermaid theme.


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