Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The New Doll In Town

One of the toys Dahlia received for her birthday was a little baby doll, My Sweet Love, Loves & Giggles Baby Doll. The baby doll laughs and giggles when you hug it or wave in front of it as if to tickle it.

When I first saw it I thought Dahlia might not like it, since she had not really paid any attention to the dolls she already had. But this doll won her little heart! Now she can't leave her anywhere.

I've been surprisingly amazed at the way Dahlia treats the doll. She carries her like a real baby, rocks her, even taps her back as if trying to put her to sleep. The craziest thing is when she hears music she tries to stand up the doll so she can dance. It's one of the funniest but most amusing things by far I've seen Dahlia do. Maybe it's because I haven't been a round another baby girl, but am shocked at her actions with the doll!

Since Dahlia likes to carry the baby doll around, am thinking of buying her this baby stroller so she can walk her the way we walk her :)

By the way her pal Violet is still loved. If you are a new reader you can click HERE to see my previous post on Violet.


  1. Your daughter is gorgeous~!
    Being a momma is so rewarding

  2. you daughter is so adorable! my daughter would love that doll too :)

    thanks for stopping by at my blog, huggies♥

  3. My daughter use to have this baby stroller. She is 5 now so it has long since gotten to small. She played with it a lot though and now my nieces play with it at my parents house a lot. :)


  4. She looks like a sweet mama! Happy to have found you from the Thursday Linkn'. Looking forward to reading more!
    Have a great day!

  5. Oh - my - goodness! She is just too cute with her new baby. :-)

    And hello! I am a new follower from Linkin' with my Ladies blog hop. I really appreciate you hosting the hop. I always enjoy hopping through and finding new blogs to follow -- like yours! :-D Feel free to visit me back at: http://www.myimperfect.com/


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