Saturday, March 30, 2013

Vaccine Time

Yesterday was Dahlia's 12 month well baby check up. Everything is good with her, she weights 21lbs and is 29" tall. Since she was due for immunizations she got six  shots!!! The poor baby, didn't know what was coming....

 She was enjoying her morning up until the nurse came in with all those vaccines. Her face immediately turned into a frown and raised her arms for me to hold her. I felt helpless, there wasn't much I could do since it is something that all babies have to go thru. I am very proud of her though, she only cried when she received the shots (which felt like a lifetime). She got 2 on each thigh and 1 on each bicep. As soon as the nurse left she stopped crying, but with tears in her eyes I dressed her and off she wanted to go! 

My brave little girl! Nothing can stop her

Her Brothers and I tried to cheer her right after by showing her some ducks at the hospital's pond outside. But you can tell in her eyes that she was sad :(

Visiting her best pal did put a smile on her face!....Alicia is getting so big, I don't think Dahlia will be able to carry her soon.


  1. 6 vaccines at once! Holy Moly! Our doc won't do more than 3 at a time. I hope she's feeling OK today. The 12-month vaccines were hard for Little Man.

    Happy Easter!

    Cristyl @

  2. We have only done three shots at a time. I am not sure if they do six at one time. That seems like a lot, but once it's done it's done.


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