Monday, April 1, 2013

Follow Me on Twitter

I joined Twitter a few years back but have not used my account. Since starting this blog I've been playing with the idea of tweeting again. So I finally decided to just go thru with it and get more social!

I would love if you can follow me and if you do leave me a comment so I can follow you back :)

and don't forget to also follow me on:


  1. I have got you followed. When you get used to tweeting again, you should check out twitter parties - they are a lot of fun. Also - tweeting while watching your favorite show - using the right hashtag, it is a good way to meet like minded people. :-) Enjoy!

  2. Following! I don't use twitter enough...but my fb automatically updates it. Trying to switch a little, I hear facebook is losing momentum. @mayendesigns


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