Monday, April 22, 2013

My Little Swimming Princess

This past weekend the weather was awesome here in Cali! It almost felt like summer so we decided to take the kids for a swim to the grandparent’s house. Dahlia actually didn’t go swimming, she just dressed up for the occasion in her little princess bathing suit which was gifted by her Aunt. We tried to get her to get in the pool but she was scared.

At first she just sat down next to me watching the kid’s play.

Then after a while she got the courage to walked around the pool, trying to keep up with her brother and cousins while they were in the pool playing. I of course followed her around trying to take a good picture of her in her swimsuit  but she refuse to pose for me.

Finally I was also able to get her to pose with her brother and her cousins in a group shot which was great.

Later we visited her littlest baby cousin, Ariana, and of course Dahlia wanted to carry her and rock her to sleep….she really thinks babys are dolls, it’s pretty funny.

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  1. aww sorry she was scared to go in the pool! She is so cute though and I love her little bathing suit!!

  2. Oh, such a cute picture of Dahlia with her cousin. I had to laugh when you said she thinks babies are dolls. I watch a baby in the afternoon and often remind my son, "babies aren't toys". :)


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