Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Our Little Builder

Dahlia has become such an independent little girl, she is able to play alone and entertaint herself. But as soon as she sees any of us do something she is there to lend a hand or follow! 

This past weekend as we prepared to re-do the kid's room (well part of it) Dahlia was a great little helper. She followed Daddy around everywhere and tried to help with everything he did.

While shopping at IKEA we stop by the kid's furniture section and she was delighted with a tiny kitchen and dinning room set that she didn't want to leave that area. I also fell in love with it and was very close to buying the set for her but kept focus on why we actual went to there, to buy the kid's room desk and bookshelf.

Her daddy was so happy to be getting help since I just watch him do all the work....am not a builder!

Dahlia was so proud of herself she clapped when they were done :)


  1. You have so cute , swe.et dother
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  2. my little madam is just the same. always offering to help.i hope she continues like that forever :)

    aloted @ www.superworkingmum.com

  3. Ah this is so cute! How nice to have such a sweet little helper!


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