Thursday, May 30, 2013

Under the weather...

Dahlia is sick, it's such a bummer....after days of working hard on my project (which I will share with everyone), I wanted to go out and celebrate but Dahlia is not feeling well and can't even stand the sight of food. Its so sad, I feel helpless and wish I could make her upset stomach go away!

sick baby

But I can't so instead these are some helpful hints we try with her to make her feel better:
- Have her drink plenty of fluids
- Avoid diary products (since its an upset stomach)
- Tylenol if needed
- Nausea med which was recommended but didn't work on her
- Play her favorite songs on her pal violet toy
- Sing to her (this soothes her)
- Rock her on the rocking chair
- Hug and hold her so she feels better

For now we will just have to ride this upset stomach out...hoping she is all better for the weekend!

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ms. Lady Bug

I’ve been super busy so for this week’s trendy link up, Dahlia’s daddy help take the pictures, and guess what?! Dahlia pose for him, she even tilted her head to the side and smile! I don’t get it, week after week I try so hard to get a decent picture and she refuses to even look at the camera but with her dad she was all smiles….I guess we know who will be taking pictures from now on, haha just kidding.

Last pic is priceless with her older brother, Daren…made me smile and feels like am missing out since I’ve been drowning in work. They are growing up so fast, it feels like just yesterday Daren was the baby now he is holding his little sister.

Dahlia’s Outfit:
Ladybug Top/Leggings: Gifted
Bow: Target
Sandals:  Great Diva (Boutique)

Linkin up with: Trendy Tot Tuesdays, Trendy Little, Too Cute Tuesdays, Mommy Monday Hop

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Crochet Shoes-DIY

It is officially warm weather here and since Dahlia has so many dresses we are planning on her wearing, she needs shoes! So I turned her holiday silver shoes into summer crochet shoes, see the tutorial below:

Things I used:
Spray paint
Easy tack

First thing was to remove the bow which was super cute (sad face).

Then I painted the shoes. If you are going to try this it’s important to cover the inside so the paint doesn’t go in and I also recommend to paint them in an open area (spray can get messy).

While the paint dried I cut the crochet pieces for the front of the shoes, then when the shoes were dried (I waited till the next day) but it should only take about a couple of hours, I applied the easy tack to only the front of the shoes. Then put the crochet pieces on top, adjusting accordingly and trimming the crochet as needed.

Final step was to apply the ribbon on top which I had already cut to fit across the front of the shoe. You can add more easy tack if necessary at this point.  

 Then the shoes were done! From being a Holiday pair of shoes to a new Summer Crochet look…Dahlia will be rocking these this weekend!

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Out in the River!

Last week our family headed to Laughlin, NV for our mini yearly vacation. It was a lot of fun and the kids enjoyed it. The first day we went to the river. There was a bit of an overcast in the morning but the weather was still very warm. The boys had a blast playing, even in the cold water. However Dahlia didn’t even dare get close to the water on this day, it was toooo cold, I didn’t even to get in either.

The next day the weather was warmer and the day was bright and sunny. On this day the kids had a lot more fun out in the water, and they really LOVED riding the seadoos. Dahlia also got to enjoy the water. She actually stepped into the water and was laughing and enjoying it! I was so happy!! 

The last day was spent at the pool, which the kids loved a lot. The pool water was a bit cold for me and Dahlia so we just jumped in for a little while until she started crying to get out (she didn’t like the boys splashing her)

Overall the little mini vacation was great! These were Dahlia’s three bathing suits she wore:

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