Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Am not quitting!

Quick update to my 30 day squat challenge, am on day 10!! I have to be honest after the first 2 days I thought I wasn't going to make it. I was extremely sore and wearing heels to work seem to be torture. They say beauty is pain but I was willing to give it up as long as I didn't have to feel the pain anymore. But one of my co-workers suggested I take hot baths after each session and that seem to the trick. What the hot bath does is it helps your muscles recover after a grueling work out…..I was so happy and am not going to quit!

Now am at 105 squats!! Can you guys believe that? Am still a little sore but am hanging in there. A tone body is my goal and I will make it happen

For those of you who missed last week’s post on the 30 Day squat challenge click HERE on instructions and now you too can get a tone lower body in 30 days! You can use below printable blank calendar for your convenience (same as mine above but no dates):

  Also I found this app for my phone and am pretty sure it’s available for mac products. It’s called work out app:

I haven’t used it much but I like it! You get to pick full body work out or a specific part you want to work. Then choose the length of the work out which is followed by a step by step video. Isn’t that awesome? Hopefully you too can benefit :)

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  1. Great Claudia! Keep going. At times I may not feel to exercise but I still go ahead. These days it is a natural part of my daily routine.

  2. 105 is awesome, 'grats!! I'm visiting today from Sincerely Paula's No Rules Weekend Blog Party. :)

  3. Must try this!
    Pinned :)


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