Saturday, May 4, 2013

Everything Happens for a Reason

Am sure everyone has heard this saying "Everything happens for a reason". But when you can't figure out what the reason is, it is pretty hard to comprehend and take things in.

I was in a car accident this past Friday morning, after dropping off the kids to school and on my way to pick up my mom who was babysitting Dahlia. I can't even begin to explain how terrible the hit was on my car but I am grateful that somehow Dahlia and I were perfectly intact. All the airbags got deployed and my car almost flipped over from the hit. The worst thing is the hit was on the passager side which is the side Dahlia sits in. Just remembering it makes me want to cry because the thought of anything happening to Dahlia while I was driving would kill me. Thankfully she was only startled and scared.

This is the passager side -took photo when it was being towed away

With in seconds of the crash a young gentlemen ran to my car and helped me get Dahlia out of the car who was crying. I was in shocked...But when I calmed down I was so grateful and thank the guy who reacted so quickly to help. It's amazing how some people have that good samaritan in them.

This is where Dahlia was in her car seat
Am so grateful that the loss was only material for both parties, the person that crashed into me and for us, we only lost our cars. Everyone inside the cars was ok. But after everything was over, all my thoughts started running. I couldn't help to think why something like this would there something better in store? or what is the reason?....I guess it's a waiting game now.

The car-seat that protected Dahlia (Photo taken on a different day)

Dahlia hanging out after the crash...looking pretty as always

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  1. Hi Claudia. I'm not sure why things happen to good people but I believe that God protected you and Dahlia during the crash. And the man that helped you out was possibly an angel, or at least to you and Dahlia. I'm sorry it happened but I'm so glad you and your little girl are ok.


  2. I totally agree with Heather! Thank God you and your little one was safe. And that's all that matters!


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