Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ms. Lady Bug

I’ve been super busy so for this week’s trendy link up, Dahlia’s daddy help take the pictures, and guess what?! Dahlia pose for him, she even tilted her head to the side and smile! I don’t get it, week after week I try so hard to get a decent picture and she refuses to even look at the camera but with her dad she was all smiles….I guess we know who will be taking pictures from now on, haha just kidding.

Last pic is priceless with her older brother, Daren…made me smile and feels like am missing out since I’ve been drowning in work. They are growing up so fast, it feels like just yesterday Daren was the baby now he is holding his little sister.

Dahlia’s Outfit:
Ladybug Top/Leggings: Gifted
Bow: Target
Sandals:  Great Diva (Boutique)

Linkin up with: Trendy Tot Tuesdays, Trendy Little, Too Cute Tuesdays, Mommy Monday Hop

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  1. So sweet! Why is it little girls always cooperate for daddy? I can fight all day to get my daughter to clean her room...daddy comes home & tells her one time- she's skipping off all sweet, saying "okay daddy!" Drives me nuts!

  2. She is too cute, love that dress!



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