Saturday, June 1, 2013

Spring 2014 Project

As I mentioned earlier in the week I was working on a project, it was for a new Designer job, which I got!! YAY for me! The project took about a week to complete and pretty much took over my life because while working on it I still went to work and still had my mommy duties. But this just proves all hard work pays off :)

Since I didn't have time to work on any DIY projects I want to share my finished project with everyone instead. The project consist of two groups, each with a Trend Mood Board and a small collection of sketches:

Spring 2014- Mod Beach
Mood is 60's mod with a Miami beach twist
These are sketches with colors and fabrics

Spring 2014-Island Crush
Mood is tropical Island girl
These are sketches with colors and fabrics

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