Wednesday, June 12, 2013

We are Back!

We are finally back home!! Although our vacation to The Bahamas was really nice and super fun I am so happy to be home. The kids were also very excited to see their pet kitty and sleep at home. I guess there is no place like home :)

FYI she did her hair this way!

These are some of the photos from our layover in Minneapolis on our way home....Dahlia looks very happy but let me tell you getting her in the airplane was nerve wrecking and scary, her screams are not pretty at all! But we survived and thank god we made it home safe.

Here she is with Daddy and older brother Damien as the plane landed in Minneapolis (she fell asleep on the last plane home....relief!)

More photos from our trip will be posted in the following days including the recreation of the lost city of Atlantis in Nassau, Bahamas! So excited to share with everyone!

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