Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dahlia Growing up

Wow! It's been a really long time since I've logged on to create a post. Work has completely taken over my life and since starting this job about six months ago my poor little blog was put on hold.

Although life at work is still hectic I wanted to log in and update the blog just a bit since Dahlia is now 22 months!! I can't believe how times flies. She is so big and her hair, don't even get me started, it has taken a life of it's own. Dahlia can now say a few words like "stop that",  "it's mine", " I don't know", and of course simple words like mom, mine, milk, food and stuff like that. She is so smart and the only thing that is bothering us right is that she refuses to call her dad "dad" she calls him by his first name which is longer and harder than saying dad. It's funny but at the same time frustrating, specially to her dad.

So here are some photos of the past few months, didn't want to photobomb so I picked photos I've taken with my phone:

First football game for the boys....she is was in team spirit colors

Dahlia was a flower girl to her cousin's wedding

Having fun at chuck'e cheese 

Boys were killers for Halloween

So Dahlia was the bride of Chuckie....did not leave the make up on

However any other day she pretends to wear lipstick

For the most part she is a trouble maker like in this photo....

But can be so cute, Santa still gave her gifts :)

Here she is being potty trained but is singing "No, no no"....She is really stubborn

Lastly the most recent photo of all three kids, dressed in 49ers gear ready to celebrate Daren's bday

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